Our Mission

The goal of The Embassy of Good Science is to promote research integrity among all those involved in research. The platform is open to anyone willing to learn or support others in fostering understanding and awareness around Good Science.

The Embassy aims to become a unique ‘go to’ place, a public square where the community of researchers can gather to discuss ‘hot topics’, share knowledge, and find guidance and support to perform science responsibly and with integrity.

We want to focus on researchers’ daily practice. Our ambition is to collaboratively map the laws, policies and guidelines informing good practices and highlight relevant cases, experiences, educational materials and good practice examples. We will also support educators to develop training on research integrity and ethics.

The Embassy story

Let our community take over

The Embassy of Good Science is developed by and for researchers, who are willing to gather and join forces to preserve and safeguard good science. No embassy can function without its ambassadors. And that’s where you come in.

The Embassy Declaration


The people and institutes that founded The Embassy:

Profile image of Guy Widdershoven
Guy Widdershoven Amsterdam University Medical Center, NL
Profile image of Giulia Inguaggiato
Giulia Inguaggiato Amsterdam University Medical Center, NL
Profile image of Marc van Hoof
Marc van Hoof Amsterdam University Medical Center, NL
Profile image of Ana Marušić
Ana Marušić Sveuciliste U Splitu, HR
Profile image of Natalie Evans
Natalie Evans Amsterdam University Medical Center, NL


The people who already contributed to The Embassy:

  • Natalie Evans
  • Bert Gordijn
  • Bjørn Hofmann
  • Marin Viđak
  • Hugh Desmond
  • View all 25

How you can be part of The Embassy

You can already contribute to The Embassy by writing about an issue you care about, sharing your expertise, or uploading your resources.

Let us keep you posted on the latest state of The Embassy - sign up!

Science with and for Society

Two European Commission funded projects, EnTIRE and VIRT2UE, have developed The Embassy of Good Science. EnTIRE and VIRT2UE received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society work program, part of the Research and Innovation program. The Science with and for Society work program (2016-17) described its aims as "to build effective cooperation between science and society, to recruit new talent for science and to pair scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility". EnTIRE and VIRT2UE were both funded under the strategic objective to develop inclusive, anticipatory governance for research and innovation.

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This is an initiative by the two projects EnTIRE and Virt2ue and founded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research program under grant agreement N 741782 and 787580.